Sonika Vuyyuru

I am a recent graduate of UC Berkeley where I double majored in Computer Science and Cognitive Science.

I've interned at NASA Glenn Research Center, Multiply Labs, and OpenBCI.  /  CV  /  Github

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Enriching my deep interest in Artificial Intelligence and the nature of the mind through classes, research, and by engaging with on-campus organizations to answer questions about the role of the mind in our perceptions of reality, in compassion and altruism, and in understanding the nature of consciousness.

Beyond my academic pursuits, I am passionate about teaching and working to address the issue of educational inequities, especially in STEM, and building a community to initiate positive change.

Outside of the classroom, you can find me reading (currently reading Dune), listening to podcasts (some favorites include "Making Sense Podcast with Sam Harris" and "This American Life"), or playing tennis.


I'm interested in deep learning, . Most of my research is about inferring the physical world (shape, motion, color, light, etc) from images, usually with radiance fields.

Transient Optimization of an Electrified Gas Turbine Engine Using Machine Learning
Jonathan S. Litt, Jonathan L. Kratz, Sonika Vuyyuru, Marcus A. Horning

The current work uses machine learning through a genetic algorithm to address the problem holistically by concurrently optimizing the electric machine power command and fuel flow acceleration schedule using an updated, higher fidelity version of the original engine model.





Modified from Jon Barron website.